#Devember log 4 5 6

I decided to join the Friday through Sunday coding into one log.

Whole Friday I spent debugging and writing regular boring functions. Nothing interesting here. Maybe one note.

The software engineering is very hard way. I thought I get everything about creating software few years ago, when I managed to create something more complicated than to-do list in PHP & MySQL & HTML/CSS (my own CMS, school timetable scheduler, etc.). But I didn’t know the important stuff – best practices, how to develop in team, how to develop system which is manageable and can be extended and administrated for years. How the tests are important and logger as well. Unit tests are great idea, but when you meat acceptance/integration tests, you find whole level of secureness, assurance, testing all important functionality in matter of seconds. And logger gets you so many information from production server, that you won’t need mail from client, because you will have much more information and the one you need. Learn this stuff in peaceful times, I am learning it hard way and it  can be painful.

Except homework, I am focusing on my raspberry pi this weekend. Firstly, I created telegram bot (using open-source python wrapper), which I want to use as main communication with my home. Ultimate goal is to automate my household and make it little bit more hi-tech and entertaining. I am waiting for my main server (old ThinkPad laptop, which will be the brain of all of this and Pi will be the communicator and digger and stat getter) and meanwhile I work on Pi. Huge step for me today, was to configure Sublime and ssh to enable me remotely edit files on Pi on my Mac through this. This will save me a lot of time.

I hope you are all doing fine on the first weekend of Devember. Drop note or Tweet how do you do. Good luck to you all!


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